Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Repair or Replace…That is the Question.

Sometimes it is hard to know if your water heater can be repaired, or it simply HAS to be replaced. Like most other things, if your water heater is regularly maintained and repaired when necessary it can last for many years. I would imagine that you had the same water heater working for you since you moved into your current Colorado Springs home.


Replacement over repair may occur if -

1.  It is over 15 years old.

2.  It contains a low volume of hot water.

3.  If you see corrosion around it.

4.  The water is discolored…a reddish hue.

5.  Enough with all of the repairs once and for all

The time may be nigh to finally replace that tired, old, overworked water heater. One of the best water heater replacement companies in Colorado Springs is Altitude Heating and Air. You can count on the plumbing and HVAC experts every time! See all of their services at altitudehvacco.com. Call anytime for emergencies or maintenance at (719) 209-4955.

Monday, November 2, 2020

Sorry to Say…There is a Long Way to Go.

We are not talking about Covid-19. In this case the subject is your in-home heating around Colorado Springs. The one sure thing around here is that there will be a long winter ahead. It can be beautiful in the Rockies just as long as your home is nice and warm. Your cozy castle can make the difference unless, of course, something goes wrong with your furnace!

Here are some common problems this time of year –

1.  It is blowing cold air…we don’t need more of that.

2.  The rooms in your home are not heating unequally.

3.  Excessive cycling…the furnace shuts on and off.

4.  Carbon Monoxide…make absolutely sure that you have a detector installed!

5.  Your furnace just will not turn on.

Your Colorado Springs’ HVAC professionals are just a phone call away. It’s a name you would like to know…Altitude Heating and Air. They are always ready, willing, and able to restore comfort to your Colorado Springs area home or office. Visit them on the web at altitudehvacco.com and call them at (719) 209-4955.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Time to Put the A/C to Bed for the Season.

You may still need to have your air conditioning system running for a tiny bit longer since the fall can sometimes pull out surprise heat waves. But soon enough, you’ll look at the upcoming weather forecast, see the low temperatures, and know that the cold weather is here to stay… at least until next spring.

Here are some tips for prepping your Colorado Springs’ home air conditioning for winter –

1.  Simply start by shutting off your a/c.

2.  Clean the condenser unit thoroughly.

3.  Give it several hours to dry with a cover over it.

4.  Schedule off-season maintenance service for the unit.

If that sounds like a chore, please call us. We are the home and business air conditioning and heating experts in the Colorado Springs area. Do you want to make sure your a/c system runs at its best next spring?  Call us at (719) 209-4955. Our name is Altitude Heating and Air. You will find us on the web at altitudehvacco.com.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

What is Worse than your Home’s Sump Pump Giving out in the Summer?

That is easy…it is when your Colorado Springs home’s sump pump fails in the winter. Now you have a real mess on your hands as you try to clean up in freezing weather. Obviously, no home or business owner can afford to have their sump pump fail at a critical time. Do not play Russian roulette with mother nature!

Here are some warning signs that your sump pump is about to fail –

1.  How long has that thing been running, anyway?

2.  It frequently turns off and on.

3.  It gets louder and louder.

4.  The sump pump is not turning on when it should.

Warning Will Robinson, Warning to borrow from Lost in Space. It is time to take your sump pump seriously. When that time comes trust Colorado Springs sump pump expert Altitude Heating and Air. They serve our area’s plumbing, heating, and A/C needs. Visit them online at altitudehvacco.com. Call them any time at (719) 209-4955.

Monday, September 14, 2020

Looking for Signs that your Furnace is Ready for the Long Winter Haul.

It is about that time in the Rockies…time to turn on your furnace and make sure that it is ready for the next six months or so. Before winter hits with a vengeance, as we know it can in Colorado Springs, you want to make sure that your home’s furnace is not only running at peak efficiency, but is safe as well.

Here are some steps you can take –

  1. Change the filter…it seems obvious, but dirty filters are the bane of your existence.
  2. Change the thermostat to heat…you would be surprised how many people forget.
  3. Clean the dust off of the burners.
  4. Check the boiler and oil it.
  5. Test all of the safety monitors.
  6. Hire a professional.

Of course, we threw that in because if you want a safe and comfortable winter why wouldn’t you call us at Altitude Heating and Air? We will inspect, clean, and even replace your old furnace if necessary. Hit us up at altitudehvacco.com. Then give us a call if you live in the Colorado Springs area at (719) 209-4955.

Monday, August 31, 2020

Installing a New Faucet.

It may not sound like rocket science, but it should not be attempted by just anyone. In fact, today’s faucets have become easier to install with various innovations. There are still many different steps that need to be taken to avoid leaking in the future…or even just a sub-par job that looks bad.

Here are just a few of those steps – 

  1. You must cut out and remove the old faucet.
  2. You will probably need a basin wrench.
  3. The new faucet must be mounted with silicone.
  4. Measure the supply lines…they may not be long enough.
  5. Remove the aerator before turning the water on.

These, and many more steps are something that a licensed plumber in Colorado Springs can practically do with their eyes closed! Just such a plumbing company is Altitude Heating and Air serving the Colorado Springs area. When you need faucets replaced or installed in new construction call Altitude Heating and Air at (719) 209-4955.

Monday, August 17, 2020

Are You Under Pressure?

This year so many of us would answer that in the affirmative. If the natural gas lines in your Colorado Springs area home are under pressure that can be a dangerous matter! Over time, gas pipelines have proven to be a safe means of fuel transport. Now and then, pipeline ruptures make the news and, very occasionally, result in a catastrophic accident.

What about pressure testing? Pressure testing is the practice of subjecting pipes or pipeline systems to pressure far above operating pressure to confirm the integrity of the pipe, its fittings, and its joints. The concept is to locate pipe weaknesses before something goes wrong and, obviously repair them.

That is one of the many services offered by Altitude Heating and Air. Altitude has become a friendly and necessary companion in the Colorado Springs area for preventative and emergency plumbing and HVAC related services. This is not a matter that should be ignored! Have your home’s pipes pressure tested by Altitude Heating and Air. Call (719) 209-4955.