Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Winter Will Be Over Soon.

You may or may not be pleased, but winter is nearly over around these parts. May we suggest calling Colorado Springs home heating system check up professionals Altitude Heating and Air? What? Why now? Well, just because the weather is warming up does not mean you should not be thinking about your furnace anymore.

Here are some reasons for a furnace tune-up –

1.  Furnace systems accumulate dust and need to be cleaned.

2.  Safety first.

3.  Keep your warranty intact.

4.  Maintenance is a whole lot cheaper than a major repair.

Everyone knows that last point. That is why Colorado Springs HVAC experts Altitude Heating and Air wants to check your furnace - not necessarily repair it. For most of this century people who own homes in the Colorado Springs area have relied on Altitude Heating and Air for their heating and a/c needs. Just go to For service call (719) 209-4955.

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

How Important is a Sump Pump this Early Spring?

Especially around Colorado Springs, the spring thaw can also bring flooding to your basement if your sump pump is not operating properly. Ask yourself an important question…when was the last time you checked your sump pump to make sure it is in tip top shape and ready to pump all that excess water away from the foundation of your home?

If you check your sump pump, make sure that these things are not readily seen –

1.  Dirt or debris is blocking the switch.

2.  The circuit breaker has been tripped.

3.  The strainer at the bottom has become clogged.

4.  The discharge pipe is frozen.

5.  Very simply…a mechanical failure.

That is where Altitude Heating and Air comes to the rescue! At Altitude, the professionals examine your Colorado Springs home’s sump pump and will tell you honestly what needs repairing or replacing. Who could ask for more than that? Be ready for the thaw. Visit and call very soon at (719) 209-4955.

Monday, March 15, 2021

Do I Have a Boiler or a Furnace?

Maybe it is not a topic that has come up over the dinner table in your Colorado Springs home. We understand, but perhaps you wish to know the answer. Well, we’re glad you asked! In simple terms, a boiler is a heating appliance that is installed by a contractor, which is used to heat a building through the use of hot water or steam.

The terms boiler and furnace are often used interchangeably, but a furnace and a boiler are quite different. Unlike boilers, furnaces are connected to ductwork, and they blow hot or warm air throughout your home to maintain the temperature that has been set at the thermostat. This is known as a “forced air system.”

Now the best question is really this…if you have either a boiler or a furnace what is the best place to call for repairs? In the Colorado Springs area it is probably HVAC experts Altitude Heating and Air. That number (emergency or not) is (719) 209-4955. The website address is Stay comfortable throughout the remainder of this winter and beyond.


Monday, March 1, 2021

Just What is an HVAC System Anyway?

You see and hear this acronym all the time, but what does it stand for? HVAC in your Colorado Springs area home means heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. HVAC systems are common in our community’s single-family homes. In short, they provide environmental comfort. These systems use fresh air from outdoors to provide high indoor air quality.

There are several parts to your HVAC system including –

1.  The air return which marks the start of the system.

2.  Then there is the filter.

3.  There are exhaust outlets where the exhaust is expelled.

4.  There are also ducts where the air passes through.

5.  Electrical elements where trouble is likely to begin.

Add in the outdoor compressor and you have a system that requires the skill of a trained HVAC pro to repair or replace it. That is where Altitude Heating and Air enters the picture. For years, the Colorado Springs area has counted on Altitude to fix your HVAC system. See for yourself at and call (719) 209-4955 at the first sign of trouble.

Monday, February 1, 2021

When is an Ideal Time to have Your Home’s A/C Checked?

Does it not seem a bit too early for such matters? Well, you can wait until April or May if you wish, but if you have lived in the Colorado Springs area for all four seasons, then you know how quickly things can change. When you need your home’s air conditioning working in tip-top condition you want it to be ready.

Aside from maximizing its peak performance when called upon, you may want to strongly consider how busy your favorite HVAC company is in March, for example. We don’t need to tell you that around here March is a whale of a lot less busy than December or July! Just something else for you to keep in mind.

Please call Altitude Heating and Air to prepare your Colorado Springs home that will sooner or later need cool comfort. Altitude Heating and Air is equipped to keep your home safe warm or cool this for many years to come. Check them out at and call for a home air conditioning check-up (719) 209-4955.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

I’m Melting.

It is very possible for your Colorado Springs home’s sump pump to quit working when snow is melting. This often happens because snow refreezes at night which may cause sump pump drain pipes to freeze. The pump may not be able to eject the water in the basement.

Around here snow falls and melts periodically. As soon as warmer temperatures arrive, even for a day or so, the thaw causes trouble for a lot of homeowners. Should you worry about your basement when the snow starts melting? Here is a benchmark…significant melting can happen all at once, especially after record snowfall!

Your sump pump is a vital lifeline to your home’s continued livability. That is why Altitude Heating and Air is ready when you need them. Altitude Heating and air is Colorado Springs’ expert sump pump repair and replacement company. See an example of their services at Call them at (719) 209-4955.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Guys and Gals, We Have a Long Way to Go.

We may be talking about Covid-19, but that is not the topic. The one sure thing around the Rockies is that there is plenty of winter ahead. Around here it can be beautiful just as long as you have a nice warm home to get back to. Your snug and cozy castle can make the difference in winter unless…something goes wrong with your furnace!

Here are some common problems this time of year –

1.  It is blowing cold air…it’s already cold enough, thank you.

2.  The rooms in your home are heating unequally.

3.  Excessive cycling…good for residents…NOT for the furnace when it shuts on and off.

4.  Carbon Monoxide…please, please have a detector installed!

5.  Your furnace simply will not turn on.

One thing to keep in mind with many months of cold weather ahead is that Altitude Heating and Air is always a phone call away. If you have furnace problems in the Colorado Springs area this or any other year call Altitude Heating and Air as soon as possible. See all that they do by visiting Always call (719) 209-4955.