Monday, July 13, 2020

Does it Feel Warmer in Here?

That’s something you really don’t want to have to say in your Colorado Springs area home this time of year.  We know, sometimes it is hard to tell whether your air conditioning unit is broken or not especially for inexperienced homeowners.  Perhaps you won’t even realize that there is something wrong with your A/C until it has stopped working entirely!

Here are some signs that repair or replacement of your home’s a/c unit is needed –

1.  The rooms are simply not cooling like they used to.
2.  You go to turn on your air conditioning and it refuses to go on.
3.  Strange sounds are emanating from the unit.
4.  There are noticeable leaks and moisture.
5.  Your electric bill keeps going up.

You may have thought before the hot weather hit us that this was a real probability this season.  You can’t put it off any longer!  If you live in the Colorado Springs area it is time to call Altitude Heating and Air.  Just because we live at a higher altitude it doesn’t mean it won’t get uncomfortably hot.  Call Altitude Heating and Air at (719) 209-4955.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Do You Need to Pressure Test Natural Gas Lines?

All gas piping in the Colorado Springs area must be tested by something known as a “pressure drop test”.  This requires the use of a manometer or water column gauge.  You don’t happen to have one in your garage do you?  A very small amount of pressure is inserted in the piping system, then it is monitored to detect the pressure drop.

The next question is…should you cap off the lines before the shutoff valves to avoid stressing valves, but not test them, or should you close the shutoff valves and remove the caps on the traps so that excess pressure leaking through valves would be vented instead of damaging the appliance regulators?

This is beyond your pay grade isn’t it?  In the Colorado Springs area, you should call Altitude Heating and Air to have your gas lines pressure tested.  It is just another of the many services that they offer to keep the Colorado Springs’ area free from plumbing and gas line problems.  Call Altitude Heating and Air at (719) 209-4955.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Ahhh…That Feels Better.

Very soon now (if not already) you will reach for your Colorado Spring’s home’s thermostat.  You will want a cool, comfortable flow of fresh air when you turn on the air conditioning.  If you do not receive the desired affect you know that you will want your home’s a/c fixed YESTERDAY!

Here are 4 things YOU can do before cranking up the a/c –

1.  Check your air filter…it is likely that your furnace shares the same filter.
2.  Clear the outdoor unit of leaves, dirt, sticks, etc.
3.  Make sure you changed the setting from heat to cool…you’d be surprised.
4.  Schedule yearly maintenance for your a/c unit.

That last one is a given if you expect high performance throughout another Colorado Springs summer.  The air conditioning professionals in our area are located at Altitude Heating and Air.  For your home’s heating and air conditioning needs always think first of Altitude Heating and Air.  Just call (719) 209-4955.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Do I Need a Sump Pump…or Not?

As a Colorado Springs area homeowner you might be asking this question.  Your basement is nicely carpeted, stocked with food and drinks, outfitted with the latest electronics, a home entertainment system and comfy furniture.  Now, your nightmare…a heavy summer downpour or a burst pipe after a cold winter threatens to flood your newly remodeled basement.

Here are some signs that YOU need a sump pump –

1.  A history of flooding
2.  You live in a flat low-lying area
3.  Where you live has large quantities of rain and snow (duh…Colorado Springs)
4.  Your basement has many costly items in it

It’s all about preserving the beauty of your home and especially your basement which is important to you.  If you live in Colorado Springs and you don’t like the weather just wait a minute…it will change soon!  For sump pump installation and service always call on Altitude Heating and Air.  Don’t forget that phone number (719) 209-4955.